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Amazing Bible
A mega-site of Bible, Christian & religious information & studies, doctrine, news, prayer, prophecy, sermons, spiritual warfare, statistics, tools, and tracts.

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71 Paranormal Intruder
NR 0 115
A terrifying true story of one families encounter with the unknown

as written by a serving Police Officer.
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72 Ghosts Orbs and the Paranormal
8.33 0 348
new site that has scary videos,pictures stories etc. Not for the faint hearted. Comments
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73 White Light Investigations
NR 0 334

We are a local team, based in the South East of
England, with a knowledge of the local area.

We came together with a mutual understanding of
the paranormal, and an appetite for investigating
the unknown.

Four of the White Light Team members a
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74 Aussie Ghosts
10.00 0 735

Paranormal discussion,webcams, stories,videos,photos and articles on haunted locations from Australia and around the world. All view points are welcome.
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75 Paranormal Web
10.00 0 731

Paranormal Top Sites Voting List. All paranormal sites are welcome to join.
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76 Scary Places
NR 0 311
Come visit the scariest places on the Internet. Dare you tread along shadowy demon infested paths and visit haunted, desolate places? Then welcome hardy traveller, your adventure begins here. Comments
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77 Enchanted Willow Witch Cottage
NR 0 295
~*Magickal charming paranormal and wiccan treasures from around the world*~ Comments
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78 Eternal Night
NR 0 271
A meeting place for the darkest and most terrifying sites on the World Wide Web. Come visit, come add your URL, come lose yourself in Eternal Night. Comments
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79 The Wiccan Spirit
NR 0 272
Welcome to our new Wiccan and Paranormal webring. Sites containing information, images etc. on either or both themes are invited to apply for membership. Comments
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80 "The Arizona Paranormal Society" (T.Az.P.S.)
NR 0 288

"The Arizona Paranormal Society" is a central Arizona based paranormal investigation organization servicing clients' residences, businesses and properties throughout the entire state of Arizona.
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